Memo to Conservatives: You Don't Have to Agree on Everything -- Only on Fighting the Left

Given the damage the Left and the Left’s political party, the Democrats, are doing to America, you would think conservat ...View More

Yes, Leftism Is a Religion: University Gives Greta Thunberg an Honorary Doctorate in Theology

For the Left, it works both ways. Last year, woke students at Duke Divinity School proclaimed that “God is queer,” and f ...View More

The Age of Conspiracy

Perhaps the reason there are so many “conspiracy theories” is because individuals are seeking to explain phenomena that  ...View More

Twitter Users Fact-Check Biden’s Billionaire Tax Lies

Joe Biden took to Twitter to claim that billionaires pay an unjustly low tax. But the president’s propaganda was slapped ...View More

It’s On: NYPD and Capitol Police Putting Up Barricades, Expecting Riots When Trump Is Arrested

America’s descent to banana republic status, with the ruling regime having its principal opponent arrested on bogus char ...View More

Professor Who Questioned Systemic Racism Sues the University That Fired Him

In modern academia, doctrines like systemic racism become orthodoxy because they fit the agenda that the left wants to f ...View More

WATCH: Simon Ateba Crashes ANOTHER White House Press Propaganda Session

Heroic African reporter Simon Ateba recently described how Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got him blacklisted  ...View More

Is NYC District Attorney Prepping the Jeffrey Epstein Suite at Rikers for Re-Elect Trump HQ?

New York City’s George Soros-bankrolled District Attorney is signaling that he will arrest Donald Trump as soon as Tuesd ...View More

WATCH: 'Disinformation Czar' Nina Jankowicz Emerges From Hiding to Celebrate Herself on Cable News

Nina Jankowicz, the disgraced “disinformation czar,” went underground following the demise of her ill-fated and wholly u ...View More

Commie Woody Guthrie’s Daughter Doesn’t Want ‘Insurrectionist’ Josh Hawley Using ‘This Land Is Your Land’

Oh, brother. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) has sponsored a bill to stop members of the Chinese Communist Party from owning fa ...View More

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