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Best ways to block scam calls (Do this for your older relatives, too!)

The phone rings, and as soon as you say hello, the person on the other end starts babbling about saving money on car ins ...View More

Facial recognition app can identify your pet’s face with 99% accuracy

Many of us chip our pets these days to keep track of them if anything ever happens. Although, a new AI-driven pet ID&nbs ...View More

Beware of the fake ChatGPT plugin that's stealing your Facebook login

ChatGPT has been all the rage ever since its release a few months ago. However, all that popularity comes with its conse ...View More

5 secrets only cybersecurity pros and hackers know

Some security steps are common knowledge. I don’t need to remind you to install that latest update on your computer, rig ...View More

Don’t use TikTok? The China-owned social network may still have your data.

A new report from the cybersecurity company Feroot Security reveals that TikTok can track you even if you've never used  ...View More

Robots are replacing security guards. Should we give them guns?

AI technology seems to be finding its way into every industry from fast-food chains to delivering packages to automatic  ...View More

Never miss a call again even when your phone's in another room

Hey, Howard P., I've got the help you need.  Thanks for sending in this smart question: "We only use my cell phone  ...View More

Chinese hackers are becoming more sophisticated, Google researchers say

Chinese hackers are reportedly getting more sophisticated with their attacks on government and business networks. O ...View More

Is Facebook listening to you?

There have been plenty of allegations over the years hinting that Facebook is listening to us through our smartphone mic ...View More

YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat sued by Silicon Valley school board for 'monetizing misery'

TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat are purposefully designed to be addictive platforms that have "carefully cultivated" a ment ...View More

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